IWC members were invited to join a weaving workshop featuring Marija Paunović Čontoš, Serbian designer, weaver, knitter and owner of Razbojnik. Marija’s handmade woven products, which include cushion covers, bookmarks, bracelets, and table linens, can be seen in many shops here in Belgrade, including the Ethnographic Museum gift shop. 

Maria is passionate about promoting this traditional craft and her work incorporates traditional Serbian techniques and motifs. At this workshop, Marija showed off some of her designs, gave participants a chance to try weaving on a table-top loom and provided all the materials needed to complete a small woven coaster. We even took a small weaving frame home with us to continue developing our own weaving practice. 

Many thanks to our hostess Valerie Lane, once again we were very well received and many thanks to Marija Paunović Čontoš.