The International Women's Club of Belgrade is a non-government, non-profit organization consisting of members from approximately 40 different countries. IWC members are ladies from the diplomatic and business communities, temporarily located in Belgrade, and local woman of the same profile with experience of membership in similar clubs from abroad. The Club’s goals are to promote friendship and solidarity among women, help them adjust to their host country and understand and fraternize with the local culture, and to contribute to it with charitable and philanthropic actions.

The club has existed in this form for approximately 30 years, but has been officially registered in 2011. It is best known for its popular Charity Bazaar, which takes place every year during the first week of December. The Bazaar gathers participants from several dozen countries, many embassies, and several thousand visitors and, and in just last 10 years, has collected more than 560,000 euros of donations. Funds gathered at the Bazaar have found their way to numerous recipients among marginalized groups, medical services, institutions for education and many other hands in need of help and assistance.