Each IWC member is given a personalised club card when they join the IWC, with which they also enjoy discounts and offers in a variety of businesses and companies. These have been carefully selected to ensure our international members not only have a wide range of services and products to select from but can be assured they are in good hands and will receive some of the best Serbia has to offer.

This card is valid as long as the member has paid their membership fees. On each renewal members receive a yearly sticker on the back side of the card, which the companies participating in the IWC partnership program check when presenting for a discount. Five years after the first issue date the card is no longer valid and a new one shall be made. Should a member lose their card, they will receive a new one after paying a replacement fee.


Restaurants and Food

Membership Benefits

The Tea House and Metropolitan Grill at Hotel Hyatt with the venue's calm sophistication and range of both international and Serbian cuisine is being offered to IWC members at a 15% discount!

Piazza restaurants on the beautiful banks of the Sava (Druga Piazza) and in the charming atmosphere of Vracar (Piazza) are offering all IWC Italian food and wine lovers 10% discounts at both their restaurants!

Suvobor restaurant in the old town is the perfect place for those craving Serbian food and is giving IWC members 10% off food and drinks!

Credo Bar and Restaurant  provides a refreshing range of dishes and a new sensory experience with a unique blend of flavours for IWC at 10% off!

Bad Sushi or Belgrade Asian Dining is anything but bad, this quality sushi is offered at 15% off food and drinks for all IWC sushi lovers!

Duke restaurant at a luxurious boutique hotel in the heart of Belgrade is decorated to tell the story of Dorćol. It showcases great contemporary Serbian cooking with a fusion of authentic, traditional with modern, innovation all at 10% off their food and drinks for IWC members!

Crowne Plaza's Novi Bar and Prime Restaurant are perfect from gourmet Serbian cuisine and unwinding with a cocktail or two. As if this wasn't motivation enough, IWC members get a 15% discount on food and beverages at both! (Please note this doesn't include Sunday brunch)

HomeMade Company is offering 10% off purchases from their four bakeries around Belgrade, for a selection of their best products including macarons, sweet selection, chocolate and gift boxes that will put your self-control to the test. 

Monument Restaurant prides itself on an authentic menu, fast and quality service and its fun atmosphere. All of which comes with a 10% discount at Monument locations for IWC members!

Adoré Cafe-Kuća Čokolade is the perfect place for handmade chocolate products in Belgrade. Their products are completely natural, containing the highest quality materials such as the best Serbian citrus fruits and nuts and world-famous brands of liqueurs, cognacs and whiskeys. All of which is offered at 10% off for IWC members!

BioMarni with their vision of quality, environment and community are helping IWC members to create a natural and nutritious lifestyle with 30% discount on all items and 5% discount on bulk orders. 


Health and Dental Care

Membership Benefits

IVODENT is a family dentistry practice working to Western European standards that was the first privately owned general dentistry in Eastern Serbia. For all members they offer a 10% discount for medical check up and dental hygiene!

Horus Ordinacija New Belgrade is owned by Dr. Mirko Djordjevic who is a trained psychotherapist with a degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine from the prestigious Yo San University in Los Angeles. Horus Ordinacija is offering a free acupuncture treatment to members who have already purchased 5!

Alhena is a dental practice that unites specialists from various fields working with techniques from US or Germany with a holistic approach at heart. All of which for a discount of 20% to members!

Prohealth  is a leading private medical institution with a philosophy based around "offering the world's best experiences in the field of diagnostics and overall treatments" to patients in Serbia. With Prohealth IWC members get a 10% discount for medical check ups to keep you in the best of health!


School and Activity Centers

Membership Benefits

Canadian Preschool Maple Bear provides quality education to 39,000 students in 30 countries at preschool, elementary and high school levels. This bilingual education based on Canadian methodology and curriculum is offered at 10% off tuition fees for IWC members!

Art Centrala helps members to channel their creative side with a range of classes including icon painting, watercolour and comic. The classes, set in a beautiful pre-war house overlooking Ada, come with a range of discounts for members for example 15% off 1000 rsd for group courses for adults (no less than 4 pax). For more details contact info@artcentrala.com 

Latina Blanca offers a range of classes including Salsa, Bachata, standard ballroom, zumba and fitness for all ages and abilities. Make the most of the experience and learn with Latin dance champion Jovan Milosavljević and his team with a discount of 15% off!

Beauty and Selfcare 

Membership Benefits

JOLIE klinika  is the embassy of beauty where you can find a range of treatments and solutions for all skin types and conditions. As an IWC member you get a discount on their facial and body treatments of 10%!

Golden Matis Paris  offers solutions for all facial skin problems with treatments such as oxygenation, deep hydration and high quality CAVIAR treatments. For more information on all treatments use the facebook link to get in contact and see how you can put your 20% discount to good use!

Epilion is a dermatological laser centre working since mid 2000, as a member of American Association for Laser Medicine and Surgery it has had the privilege to set standards of laser dermatology in Serbia. IWC members can benefit from such qualifications with discounts including 25% off of hair removal; 10% for botox, fillers, mesotherapy (injectable), and 20% EBD (energy based dermatology), laser, hydrafacial, focus slim and cryolipolysis!

Baby Sitters Club is a network of trustworthy, cheerful and caring sitters who believe that fostering a safe, stimulating and carefree environment is the first step towards creating fulfilled children. As an IWC member you can receive 10% off of their silver and bronze packages and get the night out you deserve!

Housewife detox  works to cleanse the body with its detox programs and juices, which are healthy and eliminates fluids and in doing so accelerates metabolism and promotes weight loss. This detox all comes at a 10% discount for IWC members!

SMARTLIFE Fitness Center is made up of certified trainers and professionals who prioritise making you feel comfortable and your specific goals. Be that relaxing, losing excess weight, toning or charging up with positive energy. All these at 20% the monthly membership fee for IWC members!

Hotel Hyatt Spa everyone needs a day of rest and relaxation once in a while and what better than using the heated swimming pool sauna, steam room and fitness zone for a fixed daily entrance fee of 32€ (instead of 42€ on working days and 48€ on weekends) and then also getting 15% off of massages? You could even pair your spa day with discounted refreshments at the Hyatt's Tea House or Metropolitan Grill!

Ionna Regen Clinic is Serbia's leading medical institution for non-surgical aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. IWC members benefit from 30% off of all their services such as mesotherapy, biorevitalization, botox and more!

Dali Beauty Concept treats members to a range of services notably pedicure, manicure, depilation and make-up, all at 15% off!

Soba 303 specialises in revitalising massages which will help you to relax and leave you feeling brand new. Both IWC members and their spouse receive a 10% discount at Soba303!


Fashion and Cosmetics

Membership Benefits

Arte & Bellezza prides themself on their unique, handmade products which are crafted from natural materials such as the finest Italian leather and semi-precious stones. Their jewellery and accessories are available to IWC members at a discount of 20%!

Nonna handmade is a Serbian brand ran by two sisters which provides customers with modern quality products enriched with traditional Serbian embroidery made in cotton, linen or silk ranging from everything from duck feather pillows, to hand-embroidered souvenirs, custom made fashionable dresses and hand-woven belts and scarves. All of which comes at a 10% discount for IWC members and would make a lovely present or addition to your wardrobe!

Extreme Intimo is a Serbian brand that has been combining comfort and freedom since 1992 with a focus on beauty, family and play. This makes it an amazing place to stock up on new lingerie especially with a discount of 10%!

Oriflame Cosmetics is a world leading company in the beauty sector and offers members a discount of 20%. For more information contact Eleonora Gutovic at eleonora.gutovic@oriflame.com

Fantasia Di Yeya is built upon reviving authentic ornaments through modern, elegant and original clothing and home decor items. With hand crafted clothing from fine natural material, these outfits can go from daily to evening attire with only some minimal accessory adjustments, all at a 20% discount for IWC members!

Kodžić Leather is famous for their high quality leather jackets and wide range of products. IWC members can make the most of a 30% reduction in boutiques in TC Delta City and Ulica Kneza Miloša!

Ana Popović Shoes specialising in timeless design and immunity to fashion trends, and paired with a passion and longtime love of great shoes. Handmade shoes made from the finest Italian leather in limited quantities with a motivation to make every woman feel special are all provided to IWC members with 10% off shoes and 15% off of bags and other items!


Art and Culture

Membership Benefits

Madlenianum Opera and Theatre was founded in 1998 as the first private opera in this part of Europe, and continues to be the perfect location for those who love opera, musicals or just generally international music, even more so for IWC members who get a 20% discount for events! (not including premiers or performances/events not produced and managed by the theatre).

Bitef Theatre was founded by the City Council with the chief purpose to aid the discovery and support of new theatre tendencies in the local context. As an IWC member you can contact slavica@bitef.rs for 30% off theatre tickets!

The Museum of Yugoslavia promotes open dialogue, exchange of knowledge and experiences on the social and cultural phenomena of the 20th century with regards to Yugoslav heritage and Yugoslav past. The IWC gets a 50% discount on the entrance fee for the museum which includes the Tito memorial!

Brun & Brun Art Consulting is a leading art consultancy firm that connects individuals and corporations with art and artists they love. Their credible background in curating includes international art fairs, working with institutional partners and private collectors as well as numerous exhibitions, and this is all knowledge that IWC members can benefit from with a 15% discount on their art advisory service and different kinds of artwork!

Zepter Museum  this cultural gem has become a meeting place for all art lovers from both the town and abroad. Founded by Mrs Madlena Zepter and then made a private art museum by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia, this artistic hub is open to IWC members at a 50% discount on entrance fees and 10% on any purchases from the souvenir and book shop!

CineStar at Ada Mall offers a five-star screen experience with giant "wall to wall" and "floor to ceiling" screens and premium picture quality. Its latest technologies are in accordance with the latest world trends and standards and can be enjoyed by IWC members with a 15% discount on birthday parties and a group discount when visiting with more than 20 guests!



Membership Benefits

Hotel Prezident Palić is located in the beautiful surroundings of the 100-year old park 50 metres from the shore of Lake Palić. Members who are in need of a weekend destination outside of Belgrade in the stunning Subotica and Palić will be provided with the hotel's facilities that include everything from a Jacuzzi, outdoor and indoor swimming pool, wellness spa and fitness centre to children's playground and free parking! This whole four star experience is being offered to IWC members with a 10% discount!

Zepter Hotels is a hotel chain managed by international Zepter Company with hotels in Belgrade, Vrnjacka Banja, Bajina Basta, Banja Luka and Kozarska Dubica. Their hotels are based on new hotel standards, ecological principles and a commitment to health and high quality of life. IWC members can benefit from this motto with 10% off all Zepter Hotels and restaurants in Serbia and Bosnia!

Vasilion Antiques Shop is a cabinet of curiosities and a time capsule with a classic and unusual collection of antiques and art and interior, designer pieces.To give your home a unique touch of the 'good old days' purchase your furniture, paintings and other antique items from Vasilion with a 10-15% discount!