On June 24th, the Walking Group tried out a Pilates class. Under the hot scorching sun, seven ladies took part in the Pilates class conducted by Nadja Hadžistević.  We started at 9am and ended by 10:30am.  

At the beginning of the class, Nadja briefed us the importance of our posture and keeping our core/stomach tucked in at most exercises. It was helpful to have that reminder, because many of us tend to forget. We did our class with two pieces of equipment -- and elastic band and a Pilates ring. The movements involved were slow and precise.
In September the club will offer a regular Pilates class that will be once per week at 9:00am, so stay tuned and sign up for it when you see it advertised.  
The Walking Group coordinator, Zalina, hopes you enjoy your summer vacation and the company of your loved ones.