This exhibition shines the spotlight on a historical figure born into a royal family who was forced by an unforeseeable twist of social and political fate and her own character to make a journey from princess to a commoner, from an aristocrat privileged by birth to a modern woman shaping her new status and involvement in society. Based, on one hand, on the explorations of the Princess’s personal legacy (paintings, photographs, correspondence, books, archive material, visual and applied art pieces and artistic craft items) and a comprehensive insight into the materials related to Princess Elizabeth and her family and the creativity of the Princess herself, who has been writing, painting and taking photos for many years, and the works by contemporary designers inspired by Princess Elizabeth, the exhibition is a unique blend of the documentary and the creative, the historical and the contemporary.

The exhibition, whose author is Tamara Ognjević, incorporates two sections presented side by side in the Gallery of the Historical Museum of Serbia. Conceived as a simulacrum of the Princess’s apartment in Belgrade, the exhibition portrays the public and private aspect of Elizabeth Karađorđević's life.

Excerpts from an article by Historical Museum of Serbia