On Sunday December 5th and Monday December 6th, IWC organized a fun and exciting event - a charitable photo shooting just in time for the holidays. Seventeen families and a group of friends signed up and had a chance to update their portraits with a professional photographer and at the same time contribute to IWC’s charity fund.

Amid laughter, families struck different poses in front of Christmas trees and several other wintery holiday scenes. Each session lasted 20 minutes per family and it provided everybody a great opportunity to capture a positive, loving memory, while simultaneously giving back to the community.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel graciously hosted IWC's photoshoot in their Studio and Haus Lea Beograd and Kare Beograd generously provided the decorations. IWC took in a total of 178200 rsd and, after paying expenses, was able to add 131200 rsd to its charity account. These funds will go to Covid-19 relief projects that provide support and assistance to underserved communities in Serbia. 

Below you can see the sets, professionally decorated by Haus Lea Beograd and Kare Beograd. You can also get a look through the lens of photographer Zlatko Djordjevic.