The focus of this year's IWC Charity fund is to provide resources for projects whose aim is to help mitigate the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the vulnerable populations in Serbia.

Who can apply?

  • NGOs
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Schools and academies
  • Non-profit associations
  • Local cultural organizations


Please note: Applicant institutions must be situated in Serbia and should not be government organizations.


Who can not apply?

The following will not be considered for funding in 2023:

  • Grants to individuals
  • Non-specific donations and endorsements to organizations
  • Building construction or large capital expenditures
  • Programs focusing on animals
  • International travel
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Start-up costs
  • Large scale conferences
  • Organisations' operational & office costs
  • Transportation/Petrol costs
  • Privately owned firms
  • We do not assist immigrants as they are registered as refugees and therefore come under the protection of UNHCR


All funding for approved projects implemented by local organizations will be paid via bank transfer. No funds will be transferred to government bank accounts (public schools, hospitals, institutions) or to bank accounts located outside of Serbia.

All IWC grant recipients will be asked to sign a “Donation Agreement” stating that they will use funds only as described in the approved grant proposal, that they will notify the IWC of any changes in the program and that they will provide progress reports as requested.


Grants in 2022/2023 will be awarded up to RSD 500,000.


Criteria of eligibility for the projects

With a crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic it is the poorest and most vulnerable communities who suffer the worst effects. We would like to provide aid to the most vulnerable people in Serbia affected by this pandemic.

Our focus in 2023 in accordance with the theme “COVID 19 relief” will be:

  • Projects aiming to help isolated persons such as elderly people living alone or people with disabilities. 
  • Projects aiming to help persons with no possibilities to get access to long-Covid rehabilitation.
  • Projects which aim to improve the quality of life of children, women and senior citizens.
  • Projects whose mission is to empower and aid victims of violence and domestic abuse, exacerbated by the stress of the pandemic.
  • Other types of projects that meet the eligibility requirements will also be considered.


Project grant applications (Application form is attached to this website) should be submitted at latest by February 28th, 2023 for projects which start by mid of April or beginning of May 2023.


Should you require additional information please read through the Charity Project Proposal Guidelines and contact the IWC Charity Team at

Application Form for IWC Charity Funding
IWC Fund Guidelines 2023