Last Thursday the walking group was greeted with 15 ladies who walked around Ada lake together.  The beautiful weather graced us with plenty of sunshine and blue skies, as though it knew we all really needed plenty of vitamin D! Ada Lake gave us a nice oasis feeling, tucked away from all the city hustle. It is definitely a place to take a stroll/walk, especially with great company. As the organizer of the walking group I am so touched by the turn out of participants that day. You ladies are AMAZING! We had the park almost to ourselves - it was calm and almost empty. We did a full circle around the lake, which is approximately 8km long. As all cafes & restaurants were closed, we had a coffee-to-go, which worked for all of us.  

On this walking day, we also said goodbye to one of our faithful walking buddies Zainab, who returned to Pakistan. We will miss her terribly and we wish her all the best in her new adventure.  

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the next walking event. This time round we will walk at Avala. We’ll keep you posted about the details.