On September 30th, the ladies of IWC took part in an 8km walk around Ada Ciganlija Lake. The weather was rather gloomy and cloudy, nevertheless it didn’t kill the spirit of these lovely ladies to walk and exercise. We had two new members joining us in this walk: Elisa & Özge. They had so much fun with us that they are coming back for the next walk on the 9/10/21. The beautiful thing about this walking activity is that we chat, get to know each other and make new friends while looking after our health and improving our cardiovascular fitness; “Exercise the hips and the lips”. :)

Ada Ciganlija is the club’s favorite place to walk. The walking path is flat, hence easy to walk/stroll. We took a small break and had coffee in one of the cafes that line Ada Lake. We achieved 9000 steps. We ended our walk about 12:45pm, but the walk continued in the Lidl store, which is about 200m away from our meeting spot. Some of us went to do grocery shopping for our families. “A woman has to do what a woman has to do” - we look after our health and the needs of our families.