The IWC members visited the exhibition of Sonja Lundin (the daughter of our ex-president Milica Lundin) on February 17th at Galerija 73. She provided a guided tour of her work and explained the roots of her inspiration to our members.

Here is an excerpt from her concept:

...Sediment is the debris that culminates from entropy, later to be transported and spread out through various points of the ecosystem. It appears at the bottom of waterbeds and on the shores of beaches,
it hardens into rock over time and eventually represents something with great stillness and preservation, full of fossils, yet always susceptible to fall apart and become debris once more. Sediment has no fixed form, yet it is recognizable through the basic characteristic of representing a fundamental, natural, ever present resource. Our stories repeat, they may coincide and seem apparently familiar across cultures and families. We latch on to a spirituality that exists inside the sediment and allow for the form to change as natural factors around it determine its current state. Like iconography, the syntax of sediment is all too receptive to trends and aesthetics, but the subtext is forever still.”