Our group met on May 16th at the Museum of Contemporary Art for a guided tour about the works of famous Austrian artist, Erwin Wurm. Our extremely well-informed guid told us a bit about the history of the building - the first to be built solely for the purpose of being a museum in Belgrade - and then took us on a journey through the artworks displayed beginning with the fifth floor. We started with the “drinking sculptures” where we drank his art (!), establishing Wurm’s preference for interactive art and went on to discover his concept of “one minute sculptures”. We learned about his propensity for posing questions with his artwork (Can clothing be considered a type of “religion” to today’s society? What makes an artwork “art”? What makes certain qualities “human” and not others?) and his insistence on not providing definitive answers. Wurm’s use of humor in many of his works made this a particularly fun museum visit as well!