Daniela Flury - IWC Vice President

Daniela Flury was born and raised in Switzerland. She gained her university degrees in history, media studies and literature and worked as a market researcher and marketing consultant before setting off on her international journey. Together with her family of four she has enjoyed life in Prague, The Hague and, since 2022, Belgrade. Her husband is a diplomat at the Embassy of Switzerland in Serbia.

In her free time Daniela enjoys spending time with friends and family. She loves to travel and explore the arts, cuisines and cultures of her respective host countries - within and beyond their borders. 

Having lived abroad for more than twelve years she believes it is very important to stay open-minded, continue to learn, connect and broaden your horizons. The IWC lives this philosophy. Daniela looks forward to supporting and further developing the club as Vice President and helping to foster interest, understanding and respect across cultures.