If you love Italian food and wine, you are at the restaurants "Piazza" and "Druga Piazza" on the right place! Enjoy the sunsets at Druga Piazza (located at Beton Hale) or relax in the charming atmosphere of Vracar where the restaurant Piazza is located.

You have further questions or would like to see the menu of "Piazza" and "Druga Piazza"? Feel free to contact them directly:

Web: http://lapiazza.rs/

Tel: 011 38 36 634 - Piazza

Tel:  011 33 98 333 or 069 33 98 333 - Druga Piazza

If you are up for Serbian cuisine, let´s try the "Kafana Suvorbor" which is also part of the restaurant group: Tel: +381 69 705604 


At all three restaurants you get 10% discount, when showing your IWC membership card! Enjoy your meal!