Imaginarium Concept

Love Is the Real Master

Imaginarium Concept is a place where you will find unique furniture, whether handmade from the scratch or redesigned from its antique origin. One thing is sure: our furniture is meant to refine the space it occupies.

We enjoy designing attention-grabbing, breathtaking pieces that leave no one untouched!

Our pieces are very bold and remarkable in terms of form and palette of their fabrics and/or wood. That way they are a perfect fit both for residences and offices.

We simply love contrasting colors and putting them where they (maybe) don't belong. That way we create an eclectic style that will make its owner immediately recognizable and one-of-a-kind.

Be brave, step into the unexpected!

You can visit our website and see what we offer currently in the store but also check what pieces were sold in the meantime but nevertheless are part of Tijana Zivanovic's opus that still might inspire you.


If you would like to order online, available pieces are at this link:

Follow us on Instagram where you can not only see photographs of furniture and various home decor items, but where you can see and listen to interesting stories by Tijana Zivanovic, an art historian with a decade-long occupation for dressing up old furniture pieces so they look modern, eccentric or romantic, anything but from an age they were made in.

If you wish to visit our imaginary world, the store is located in Dorcol, in Zorza Klemansoa Sreet, No. 19.

We look forward to meeting you!