On Wednesday, Nov 20th ladies of the Holistic approach group got, literally speaking, "in touch“ with the so called Rosen Method. By gently touching each other we had the possibility to start to focus on ourselves and get in touch with our inner self. 

We were also kindly reminded by our kind teachers Sanela Fekovic and Mila Popovic to see the person in front of us, waiting to be touched, without judging, just as she is, being curious who she is. 

That‘s what it is about: Rosen Method‘s gentle touch makes it possible to locate and release tension and in this way find the real person that has become hidden over time behind his or her muscular armoring, pain or other symptoms. As physical changes occur, our emotional anatomy also shifts, often leading to greater self- acceptance, re-balancing of the nervous system and an integration of body and mind.

if you want to read more about, Rosen Method, feel free to check out the following links: 

Feel free to get in touch with a Rosen Method practitioner by contacting the following email: rosenmetodasrbija@gmail.com