The IWC’s November event, which took place on the afternoon of Tuesday November 16th, was a High Tea rather than the usual Coffee Morning. It was held in the luxurious Crystal Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Belgrade. Approximately 80 members and their guests were in attendance. IWC President Sonia Shehryar spoke to the gathering and introduced two special presentations.

The first was a saree-draping demonstration led by IWC member Ruma Kohli, who is wife of the Indian ambassador to Serbia, and member Renu Rajan. The second presentation was a series of Bollywood dances performed by the dance group ‘Panna’. 

The High Tea event was followed by the club’s first charity fundraiser of the year, Chic for Charity, a silent auction of designer clothing donated by Serbian designers and members of IWC.

Photographs compliments of Mia Medaković-Topalović of RYL Magazine, and CorD Magazine.