Coordinator: Christina Czettl

Have you ever wanted to know if there exists something that goes beyond our physical body? Have you ever experienced something on a life energy level that you want to share with someone? Have you ever felt that there exists something more than our physical body, but no one in your family/friends shares your interests? If any of these questions or topics appeal to you then you are in the right place!

The aim of the group is to explore and learn more about different holistic techniques to sustain or improve our health.The activities include lectures, workshops, and demonstrations. She invites guest speakers to talk about various topics, such as:

  • What are the positive effects of dance therapy? Open floor f.e.?
  • What is a Chakra? How do they impact our health? 
  • Which effect does meditation have on our mental and physical health?
  • What is the family constellation (Bert Hellinger)?
  • What is energy healing? What techniques does it include and how does it effect the body? 
  • What is mindfulness? How do we learn to be mindful?