On the 10th of June the Walking group walked through Skandarlija down to Strahinjica Bana, further to Sava and Beton Hala and up the spiral staircase through Kalemegdan and back to the Brazilian Residence. The walk took place from 10:30am till 1:00pm.  

The streets towards the river are not that long but amazingly walkable with interesting layouts of the streets, and you can get a good impression of the city. 
Strahinjića Bana for instance is a street full of bars, a few hidden cocktail bars, restaurants, and a lot of unpolished charm. It really gives a person the experience of real Belgrade.

On our way towards the river we spotted many apparel shops and many more restaurants and coffee shops. There are also several banks, money exchange offices, and book stores. There are also abundant of places/carts where one can get souvenirs.  

We enjoyed seeing so many quaint cafés all around which are operating especially after several lockdowns due to the pandemic. We also admired the amazing architecture (like Dorcol; an old town gem) and a few street performers. We absolutely loved cruising through the streets of the oldest part of the city, seeing the different architecture of the buildings through the ages; Ottoman, Austrian and Soviet times to name a few examples. We passed by the train rails that divided upper and lower Dorcol too.

The weather was sunny but not too hot as we were shadowed by trees along our walk. We took a rest and had coffee at a restaurant called Viva on the Danube river in Dorcol. A great place for brunch.
On this walk, we traveled a total of 10km and did 11,000 steps.

Bravo ladies for the perseverance, all the funny and refreshing stories we shared together and the inter-generational exchanges we made.  “What happens at the walk, stays at the walk”