The walking group took a walk in Hyde Park last Thursday 3/12/20. There were 4 of us and we fought the strong wind and coldness like warriors We decided to walk in Hyde Park this time round because this park is a green oasis of Belgrade.

This green empire is tucked away somewhere between the crowded streets of Belgrade and houses. It’s located in the urban part of Belgrade, north of the TopĨider hill in the Savski venac municipality. We enjoyed the rows of planted trees in this small forest. The park is nicely arranged, well-lit, and one of the favorite walking areas for the people of Belgrade. We walked about 6,5km on the running tracks in this park.

This park is really designed for recreation and fitness, and It is not crowded. After our walk, we tried a new cafe near the park called House of Chocolate where we had coffee and delicious cakes.