The book club meeting about the celebrated Mexican novel, the Murmur of Bees, turned into a mexican cultural experience.

Thanks to Eun Hai, wife of the Mexican ambassador to Serbia, we had the opportunity to travel to and enjoy Mexico for some hours, without a Visa.

We were welcomed with the Mexican hospitality "Mi casa es tu casa". Delicious Mexican drinks like strawberry, pineapple, lime and the spectacular jamaica flavors were served. Then came the time to know where Mexico is and where exactly does the plot of this gorgeous novel occur; Linares, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Our host and president of IWC, Eun Hai, gave an emotive introduction of the book. She described from the expectations to the real end of the story. This masterpiece of Sofia Segovia is not only about bees, and their importance in the ecosystem, it is about giving names to those who also fought in the Mexican Revolution and stay anonymous in the written history. We were delighted by the emotive words that Sofia Segovia sent to the members of the IWC book club. Her words moved the audience; by saying "speaking, people understand each other" and "in reading, people feel each other". She invites us to read and live more lives and travel around other worlds through books. After the presentation of Mexico, the Murmur of bees, and the participation of each of every attendant, we were invited by our host to connect with Mexico through the flavors. Mexican appetizers, as well as traditional candies from Linares, were served in this unique experience.

The Murmur of Bees is available in spanish, english, italian, german, russian and in this year it will be launched in serbian language. Other books from Sofía Segovia are "Tears of amber" and "Peregrinos".

Thanks to the organizers and to our beloved host for making it possible to experience Mexico through the words of the great writer Sofia Segovia.