Women’s Ethno Center in Lužnica, Bor is an NGO with a mission to contribute to the socio-economic development of vulnerable groups, especially women, the elderly, and people with disabilities, and to influence the formulation of local policies and contribute to increasing civic awareness about the position of these vulnerable groups. 

IWC funds were given to the project “Let’s help the old and the lonely people” which provides 45 elderly persons, living in the remote mountain villages of Drag Dol, Jasenov Dol, Crvena Jabuka, Rakov Dol, Radošin, Preseka, and Našuškovica. Representatives of three NGOs, and 10 volunteers from high schools, are participating in helping elderly households in preparation for the winter: chopping and storing fire-wood, window cleaning, carpentry repair, lime-making, and distribution of food packages, blankets, and bedding.