This year, IWC charity funds will be directed towards organisations and initiatives focusing on the rights and living conditions of elderly people of Serbia. Projects of cultural, inclusive, humanitarian character and those addressing the rights of the elderly will be taken into consideration.

Note: The deadline for application is prolonged until end of December2019.

Who can apply?

● NGOs

● Non-profit organizations who work with elderly in communities, medical institutions and homes for elderly people.

● local cultural organizations

● civil organizations with the mission of non-discrimination and social inclusion of elderly people

● volunteering organizations

Please note:

Applicant institutions must be situated in Serbia. Applying projects must not be initiated by the government or commercial establishments. Applying organizations should not have been financially supported by IWC in the last 3 years.

Previous experience in the field: The applying organization should be committed to the implementation of the rights of the elderly and their wellbeing. Their experience in the programs described above should cover the period at least 2 years prior to this application.

Partnership and co-sponsorship: Not required; can be considered.

Criteria of eligibility for the projects

Types of projects which can be submitted:

Applying projects should aim towards all seniors of different ages and health categories. The nature of the projects may be: humanitarian, social, educational and cultural.

Applying projects should address:

● enabling of the happy and active maturity of the aged

● enabling of the dignified last years of the life of senior citizens

● improvement of senior citizens’ health (proactive and active health care)

● improvement of living conditions of socially challenged elderly

● respect of human rights and safety of elderly citizens

● dealing with obstacles in communication with elderly and prevention of violence against them

● issues of basic, cultural and special needs of senior citizens

● issues of senior citizens’ social inclusion

Types of activities which can be applied for:

● sport, culture and hobby activities in clubs and courses for senior citizens -creative workshops for relatives and caregivers of seniors

● medical education of innovative character

● public campaigns dealing with the problems connected to seniors

● acquiring equipment for caretaking of elderly

● acquiring technical equipment adjusted to special needs of the elderly people

Non-eligible projects/activities:

Governmental projects/Commercial projects

The number of projects which can be submitted and approved:

One projects consisting of a series of events in the frame of the proposed budget and time. One procurement of materials/goods.

Timeframe for application: September 2019 - mid- December 2019

Start-up date: February - March 2020

Project duration: 2-9 months

Evaluation: latest November 2020

Location: anywhere in Serbia, given that the conditions stated above are respected

Financial details

Grant amount per project: 3 500 EUR Support will be provided by donations of funds to run programs and provide services; or through the direct purchase of goods, services and/ or equipment for use within the framework of a specific program. The IWC has one funding cycle for projects.

Types of expenses which can be funded:

● material and equipment for the project,

● logistical expenses (travel expenses, accommodation),

● costs for technical staff,

● marketing and communication expenses,

● documentation/evaluation expenses,


The following will not be considered for funding in 2019:

● Grants to individuals

● Non-specific donations and endorsements to organizations

● Building construction or large capital expenditures

● Start-up costs

● Large scale conferences

● Sponsorship.

● Provisions for private or commercial medical centers.

All funding for approved projects implemented by local organizations will be paid via bank transfer. No funds will be transferred to government bank accounts or to bank accounts located outside of Serbia.

All IWC grant recipients will be asked to sign a “Donation Agreement” stating that they will use funds only as described in the approved grant proposal, that they will notify the IWC of any changes in the program and that they will provide progress reports as requested.


Grant recipients must provide a written report to the IWC at the end of each project detailing the implementation procedure, final budget, lessons learned, and results achieved. Unless otherwise agreed, projects should be completed within one calendar year or by November 2019.

Procedures which should be followed during the application process:

Applications must be submitted electronically. Below you can download the application form. Complete the form and email it back to Include any necessary attachments (risk analyses, budgetary plan etc.) or they can follow the application in accordance with foreseen procedure (see the application form). All the responsibilities concerning preparations and implementation of the projects are the responsibility of the project managers.

Deadline for application: mid-November 2019

Contact persons: Svetlana Marojević and Nataša Savić (

Application Form for IWC Charity Funding