On the 26th of May the walking group organized a walk in park Zvezdara. It is located right in the heart of the city.  It is a small oasis in the city of Belgrade and this forest is near the city center but it looks like you are miles away!

This park is beautiful and peaceful for resting, riding bikes, and walking (and mini hiking). Verena and I enjoyed each other’s company in this tranquil green park - strolling, walking, and exploring what this oasis has to offer. This park is amazing; there is a lot of green area for picnics, many benches, places for barbecue, children playgrounds, and a lot of space for running/walking. There is a small but historical observatory at the back of this park too. During our walk, we were on top of a hill and had a view of the Danube river.

Thank you Verena for exploring this part of Belgrade with me!

Zalina Stauch, Walking Section Coordinator