Thursday March 11th, the walking group walked in Zemun. It was a short walk but it was interesting to see Zemun on a weekday. We enjoyed the beautiful Danube riverbank which later on lead us to walk through the old part of today's Belgrade; historical and charming Zemun.  

We walked through the modern wide boulevards, old narrow streets and enjoyed the view from the Gardos hill where Millennium tower is.  Standing on top of Gardos hill we observed the charm of Zemun, the old city at the banks of the Danube River, rows of restaurants, the taverns, and beautiful architecture around it below us.  

In this walk, we tackled the sense of taste too as we walked and visited the open markets of Belgrade in Zemun. This market is freshened up with organic fruits and vegetables. Perhaps because spring is approaching, the visit to Zemun green market (Zemunska pijaca) made an everlasting impression on us.