On Dec 5th IWC members visited an ongoing exhibition in The Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church. 

Within the central celebration of the jubilee of the eight centuries of the autocephaly of the Serbian Orthodox Church, a monumental exhibition “The Eight Centuries of Art under the auspices of the Serbian Orthodox Church” was opened in the Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church on 9 October 2019. Observing the testament of Saint Sava, a large corpus of Serbian ecclesiastical art has been created - since the time of the noble lineage of the Nemanjics dynasty (1166 - 1371) in the Middle Ages, who produced Twelve Serbian monarchs, until the 20th century. 

The exhibition is unique in the sense that visitors can see very rare medieval books, icons, crosses... some of them exhibited for the first time. Because some of the artifacts are so fragile this was the unique opportunity to see them. 

The Museum of the Serbian Orthodox Church, specially redecorated for the occasion, exhibited over six hundred artifacts that have been created under the auspices of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Treasures of churches and monasteries where liturgical items and books were created by orders of medieval Serbian rulers and members of their families, patriarchs and bishops, abbots and monks, as well as by believing people themselves, have been brought to attention of the museum visitor.