As usual, our Pilates session took place on Tuesday at 9:00am. On September 21st, there were eight ladies participating in the class.  At this session, we worked more on our core/stomach muscles. We did several exercises with various equipment which LikePilates offered and introduced us to. We had a fruitful training session and went back with some soreness, which means we put a lot of effort. :D

Due to high demand for the Pilates class and the fact that the Tuesday 9:00 am time-slot is already closed, the Pilates Group is opening up a new time-slot and offering a new day for Pilates class. It will be every Thursday at 11:00 am at LikePilates studio in Dedinje. If you are interested in joining this Pilates class, kindly contact the coordinator, Zalina Stauch at 069 2688693 or email her at